Indian Women in the “Gentlemen’s Game”

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Even though it has been 47 years since the first Indian Women’s team played their first match, the condition of women’s cricket in India has not changed a lot.

Sure, the number of tournaments held has increased but it is still way behind when compared to the men’s scenario. Yes, the men have always dominated the game; their team is much older than the women’s team but it is 2020, it’s high time we changed this scenario.

The Australian team is the most successful in women’s cricket. This is because of the ample resources that the Cricket board of Australia spends on both the men’s and women’s teams, equally.  The Indian cricket board does not do the same for numerous reasons which all lead to its capitalistic nature. Why would you invest in something that the public is not interested in?

Australian Women Cricket Team

If the so-called cricket fans of India think that women’s cricket is not worth their time, even though they do not miss out on any of the men’s matches, they themselves are the biggest problem. Women’s cricket needs to be normalized. There is nothing weird or strange about the girl playing cricket. Women have always been considered outsiders in the sports arena. Even if they manage to infiltrate the sphere, they are either altogether ignored or treated like a monkey in a circus, doing something outside its skillset. The day that female cricket is treated with the same semblance of respect and recognition; we will find that women have truly been welcomed in the sport.

 If the matches are followed properly, one would find that the thrill in watching the match is not dictated by the player’s gender. Cricket is a ‘Gentleman’s Game’. But it is not very gentlemanly to ignore talent just because it has a different face than the one you are used to dealing with. The same men who become social media warriors against gender-inequality might as well be the same ones who say that women’s cricket is just a joke. 

Those who are not affected by something do not take a measure to put an end to it. Why change or even try to change a system which benefits you, worships you and already tips the scale in your favour?

Men, if you still don’t get it, try to imagine how it feels to be just taken at face-value, to be treated as just a bag of meat, with no value, and the moment you start to make a change or show your talent, you are ignored. Try to think what it feels like to be a remote-controlled car with the controller in someone else’s hand. Maybe then you may begin to understand what the female sportspersons’ feel when they are systematically ignored by the whole wide world.

The women’s t20 challenge starts on 1 November 2020, watch it like you watch IPL, cry when The Supernovas lose like just like when you do when CSK does. Make memes (just not sexist), tease your friends when their favourite team loses. Just get involved in a positive manner. Try to form your own opinion about it. Not one which has been forced down on you. Be the change and give space to each gender in every field. We all may learn something new from this. 

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